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Setting the Bar for Layer 1 Switches: Why ColdFusion?

Lepton’s ColdFusion Layer 1 test automation switch enables the automation of 100% of lab infrastructure. With ColdFusion, network topology changes can be performed with the click of a button, or by integrating QA test scripts with ColdFusion APIs.

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5G Fronthaul Network Testing Considerations

How will service providers offer a supreme user experience in the upcoming #5gtechnology world? #5G fronthaul networks will need a way to test how their equipment and applications cope with network impairments.


New Partnership with Lepton Systems

It is with great excitement that Acentury Inc. announces our latest channel North American partnership with Lepton Systems. Founded in 2016 by a group of engineers with extensive experience in optical transmission and software architecture and development, Lepton Systems develops Layer 1 switches to automate the connection of the physical layer in a variety of test environments.

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EMITE H-Series 5G OTA Test Platform has now been selected by the largest US carrier for testing 5G devices over the air

The EMITE H-Series 5G OTA Test Platform has now been selected by the largest US carrier, AT&T, for testing 5G devices over the air (OTA)...

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octoScope introduces a new testbed for automated Wi-Fi 6 feature testing

octoScope® announced a new STACK-WFA testbed for automated Wi-Fi 6 testing of access point (AP) and station (STA) devices...

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EMITE Ing. has added Anritsu MT8000A to the list of compatible gNodeB emulators

Customers now have more choices in 5G OTA testing and with this announcement, Emite Ing. continues to be in lockstep with test instrument technology advances.

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EMITE Software and Hardware Release Notification

Emite released a software and hardware release for Software Suites GUI v3.13 and WLAN OTA Test System v2.1 and E-, F-, I-, H- and PT-Series Hardware Release 2019.7 in mid 2019....

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