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WEBINAR RECORDING: New PIM Research Discovery in 5G In-Building Systems

Find out why PIM continues to cause issues for 5G and future in-building systems in this new webinar.

This webinar will begin by exploring the infrastructure and potential passive intermodulation (PIM) issues with various in-building solutions. The potential PIM issues introduced with small cell deployments will then be explored in more depth. A revealing study will help illustrate the potential causes of PIM in small cell deployments and debunk the assumption that PIM issues are eliminated when moving to a 5G in-building architecture. A potential solution to help address these issues will also be explored and discussed.

Introducing our speaker: Fan Zhang, VP of Engineering, Acentury. Fan Zhang is an engineer director with over 29 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. With previous leadership roles at Huawei, Nortel, and Motorola, Fan has been the leading expert on countless Tier 1 operator in-building solution projects. His technical expertise and track record of success has given him invaluable insight into what 5G means for in-building solutions.

To access the webinar recording, have a look here:

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