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LAMTA Lab Resource Management Launch

Acentury officially launches LAMTA's lab resource management module for 5G wireless labs and is proud to announce the product kickoff with our first North American Tier 1 Operator.

Acentury LAMTA is a system management and testing automation platform designed for wireless 3G/4G/5G labs. LAMTA provides integrated management for the wireless lab environment and automates complex testing scenario processes between lab admins, engineers and their lab resources. LAMTA is comprised of three main modules:

  1. Radio management. Scalable radio connection management for 5G/LTE/UMTS/Wi-Fi that uses software to help flexibly switch connections between radios and test chambers.
  2. Test management. Software interface that enables test process automation including remote and repeatable MIMO handover testing, carrier aggregation testing, and log analysis.
  3. Lab resources management. Manage lab assets and resources more effectively with workflow management and capacity optimization tools.

The lab resources management module offers wireless technology labs an easy-to-use tool to manage resource and lab asset availability, improves team collaboration by streamlining project workflows, and consolidates test plans and cases for knowledge sharing and reporting.

To learn more about LAMTA’s product modules designed for wireless labs, please sign up to get in touch with our team.

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