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Designing a Heptaplexer With Added Band 40 and 42 Requirements

The Customer Challenge

A European customer had a challenging design requirement that needed a solution in a short period of time: there were a total of seven (7) European bands including the new Band 40 and 42 to be combined for a military application. There was also strict PIM rejection (-161dBc) and high-power requirements (350W):

  • Band 20 (791-862MHz)
  • Band 8 (880-960MHz)
  • Band 3 (1710-1880Hz)
  • Band 1 (1920-2170MHz)
  • Band 40 (2300-2390MHz)
  • Band 7 (2500-2690MHz)
  • Band42/43/N78 (3300-3800MHz)

A traditional design approach would require the combination of multiple components. This would add significant cost, complexity, and potentially cause large insertion losses. An alternative solution would combine all seven ports into a single component that would meet all the requirements including high power (350W), and high-level PIM rejection specifications. This would be a significant engineering design challenge.

The Radiocomm Solution

Radiocomm was called upon to design a customized solution that would manage the high power requirement of 350W while still meeting all the specification design requirements of wideband frequency coverage, cross interference, low passive intermodulation, and low insertion loss. In one week the Radiocomm team was able to finalize a design and provide the simulation results of a proposed heptaplexer solution that that would combine the additional bands into a single component while meeting all the design requirements for high performance:

Here are the technical specifications represented in a tabular format:

Upon producing a prototype sample in just under 6 weeks, the customer confirmed that the customized design met all the design specifications.

Radiocomm continues to offer fast customizations services with wideband frequency coverage and low PIM rejection specifications. For more information about our services or if you have a customization request, contact us today.

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