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octoScope introduces a new testbed for automated Wi-Fi 6 feature testing

octoScope® announced a new STACK-WFA testbed for automated Wi-Fi 6 testing of access point (AP) and station (STA) devices.

octoScope ships its STACK-WFA pre-configured with built-in AP and STA devices for testing Wi-Fi 6 features. Servers needed for feature testing, such as RADIUS, are included with the testbed.

For more information, see their product announcement details on the octoScope website.

About the octoBox personal wireless testbed

Stackable and configurable octoBox personal testbeds are completely isolated from external interference and can be used at an engineer’s office or lab bench.Each octoBox testbed is controlled by a dedicated web server accessible via a browser UI for manual control, or via REST API for test automation. The server provides the time base for the testbed and controls the built-in instruments, DUT configuration, traffic, and test flow.

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